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Is a Coffee Bean Actually a Cherry?

Updated: Feb 5

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, enjoyed by millions of people every day. But have you ever wondered where coffee comes from and what it actually is?

There are a great plenty of coffee lovers and enthusiasts out in the world today, but very few know the history of coffee. There is so much to be told, and so much that could be taught, but yet few people even realize how much work is put into one cup of coffee!

When you think of coffee, the image that comes to mind is likely that of roasted coffee beans. However, the journey of a coffee bean begins with a cherry-like fruit. So... is a coffee bean actually a cherry? Let’s delve into the fascinating world of coffee to uncover the truth.

The Coffee Cherry

The coffee cherry, also known as coffee berry, is the fruit of the Coffea plant. It starts as a small, green fruit and ripens into a vibrant red or yellow color, depending on the variety. The outer layer of the coffee cherry is soft and edible, while the inner part contains the seeds we know as coffee beans.

Processing Coffee Beans

Once the coffee cherries are harvested, they undergo processing to extract the coffee beans. There are t

wo primary methods of processing: dry processing and wet processing. In both methods, the outer skin and pulp of the cherry are removed to reveal the seeds inside.

In dry processing, the cherries are spread out to dry in the sun before being hulled to reveal the beans. On the other hand, wet processing involves fermenting the cherries to loosen the pulp before washing and hulling them.

The Coffee Bean

The seeds inside the coffee cherry are what we refer to as coffee beans. These beans undergo roasting to develop their distinct flavors and aromas before they are ground and brewed into our beloved cup of coffee.

So, yes, a coffee bean is indeed derived from the seeds found inside a coffee cherry.

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